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Check Anything Crypto

Always double check to make secure transactions.
Remove all doubt. Just search and trust official information.

Malicious Data

Phishing ICO sites may take personal information, infect your device with malware, and display fake wallet addresses. We flag phishing sites as deceptive to warn you from visiting these sites.

Authentic Data

The Uppward Chrome Extension turns green when you visit authentic ICO sites. If you find a good project to invest, do it in the right place. Do not send funds to the wrong address.

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Wallet Address

Blockchain transactions cannot be reversed. Secure your contribution by confriming the official wallet address. Suspicious wallet addresses and sub-addresses are flagged.

Report Hacks and Scams

Your go-to place for reporting crypto scams, hacks, and frauds. Crowdsourced threat intelligence makes data more complete.

Data Validated by Security Experts

Let The Sentinels review and verify data authenticity. ICO investing got safer with collective intelligence security checks.

First Threat Intelligence on Blockchain

Data validated by The Sentinels are recorded in the TRDB, Sentinel Protocol's decentralized Threat Reputation Database built on the public blockchain.

Check Before You Invest in ICOs

Certainty about ICO security is just one click away. Be a part of Collective Threat Intelligence.