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Comprehensive security search engine tools at your fingertips.

Secure your digital assets.

Authentic Data Assurance

UPPward Network Protection pop-up banner turns green when you visit authentic websites and social accounts. Make sure your transactions are made with the right parties through verified platforms.

Fraudulent Activity Alert

Malicious websites use phishing to steal personal data, infect devices with malware, and display fake crypto wallet addresses. The plugin flashes a red pop-up page when sites are verified as deceptive.

Wallet Address Validation

Blockchain transactions are irreversible. Secure your crypto funds by verifying cryptocurrency wallet addresses before transacting with them. Suspicious wallet addresses and sub-addreses are flagged.

Crypto Address Highlight

This feature highlights blacklisted crypto addresses in red. We do due diligence, so you don't have to.

Crypto Highlight is only available for Chrome and Brave.

Protecting individual users

Safer digital transactions are just one click away. Together, we can turn the disadvantages of decentralization into an advantage for security!